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It is always a good idea to find a professional removals company to help you move. Although shifting your household items might not sound like a very difficult task, it can be an extremely stressful and slow process and requires more skill than you might think. An experienced removals company will be able to considerably shorten the time of the process and do so in a safe way.
Although the removal company are there to help you, it is also a good idea to make it as easy as possible for them. Here are a few bullet points on how to instruct and handle your removal company:

  • Once you have decided on a removal company, give them at least 1 weeks notice before the day you need to move.
  • A removal company should be paid at the end of the job. Some might ask for a deposit before the job is complete.
  • Give your removal company an accurate description of the items you need them to move. If they turn up and need to move more than they initially thought, it is possible they may require more money. If they have done a quotation face to face, obviously make sure you have shown them all the items and pointed out anything that may be difficult to move (such as an extremely large/heavy item).
  • Think about accessibility. Is your home full of tight corners or narrow corridors? Or maybe your street is narrow and there isn’t a place for the removals company to park their van close to your home? Try and be as accurate as possible on how accessible your home is. Asking neighbours to be helpful with their parking the night before is a good idea allowing the removal van/lorry to park as close to your house as possible.
  • Try and be as punctual as possible. If the removals company says they will be at your house for 8am, that is when the clock starts, make sure you are ready with all boxes packed.
  • An extra pair of hands might help reduce the cost of the move. Some man and van or removal companies don’t allow people to help for insurance reasons but if you are prepared to help, you could save some money.


If you are looking for an experienced removal company in Preston or the surrounding areas, we recommend Flexi Removals.