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What size unit do I need?
Please click on the ‘size guide’ link at the top of this page. If you are still unsure and require further help, please give us a call. If required, we can always do a site survey and estimate the storage unit size you will require.
How do I move my things into the storage units?
You will need to come and see us and bring along 2 forms of ID (one being either a drivers license or passport). We will then give you proximity keys for access, our facility is provided with trolleys and pallet trucks so moving your goods around should be quick and easy. Usually our customers would hire a van for the day/half day or instruct a removals company depending on how much you wish to store. Remember we give away free packaging materials so come and pick up some boxes before your store!
How secure are my stored items?
You will be provided with an electronic access key which will give you unlimited access to your storage unit 24/7. You will use your own padlock to secure your room. Our monitored CCTV covers most angles and we have alarm systems in place.
Can I insure my items?
Some home or business contents policies cover your goods and belongings when in storage, we recommend checking this before taking out additional insurance. We work closely with an insurance broker so should be able to offer competitive prices. We recommend the website below when insurance is required for a short period of time.
How long can I stay & what is the notice period?
​You can rent storage space from us for a minimum of one week, or stay for as long as you want. In addition, if your requirements change and you require a smaller or larger unit, this can be arranged too. Normally there is a 1 week notice period unless you agree to something different when signing our license agreement.
What items cannot be stored?
Hazardous materials – flammable liquids and explosives
​Unauthorised or illegal goods, e.g. drugs
Firearms and ammunition
Living things
Items that could decompose, e.g. exposed food stuffs.
How can I pay?
Standing Order, Cash, Bank Transfer
Any tips for storing effectively?
1) Make sure like mentioned above that you come and collect enough boxes from us in a variety of sizes with plenty of bubble wrap if you have fragile items and furniture. We sell marker pens, it’s always a good idea to mark up your boxes for easy identification and although it seems obvious try to keep anything that you frequently use near to the front of your storage unit.

2) To store a lot into a small space make use of drawers, fridges etc and fill with smaller items. Break down larger pieces of furniture if you can, not only is it easier to carry, it takes up far less room. If you are planning on stacking up boxes and pieces of furniture, get heavier less fragile items to the bottom of your pile.

​3) If your goods are worth storing then they are worth protecting, invest in some furniture/sofa covers, we sell some in a variety of shapes and sizes if your require them (click 'products' at the top of the page). If your unit is full, you may struggle to see from the corridor light, bring along a torch if you do ever need to find something. We sell magnetic battery LED lights which are very popular with our business customers.

4) If you have a ground floor unit, it is always a good idea to place goods/furniture on pallets. This helps with air flow, also in the unlikely event there was ever a burst pipe or leak, your goods will more than likely be fine.