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Self Storage Size Guide

What Size Unit Do You Need?

Use the storage space calculator below to help. All of our rooms have a minimum height of 7 feet (many are taller than this). Work out the size of room/unit you require from…

​1) Number of bedrooms your current house has.
​2) How many boxes you have that you wish to put into storage (estimate below based on box size of 457x330x330mm, 18x12x12″).
​3) The size of Van/Truck load you wish to store.

If you are using a removal company, they will be able to help you estimate and may give you a cubic volume.

Size Of UnitNo of BedroomsHow Many BoxesYour Vehicle
​16 sq ft – 1.50 sq m- 64Transit Van
20 sq ft – 1.85 sq m- 80Transit Van
25 sq ft – 2.30 sq m- 100Transit Van
35 sq ft – 3.25 sq m- 140Transit Van
50 sq ft – 4.65 sq m 200LWB Van
75 sq ft – 6.95 sq m 300Luton Van
100 sq ft – 9.30 sq m 4007.5T Box Van
125 sq ft – 11.60 sq m 5007.5T Box Van
150 sq ft – 13.95 sq m 6007.5T Box Van
200 sq ft – 18.60 sq m 800Large Removal Lorry