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Looking For Safe & Secure Self Storage In Preston?

Are you currently looking for safe and secure self storage in Preston? If so, we welcome you to take a look at what we have to offer here at The Self Storage Warehouse. Whether you’re looking to rent a unit for a week, a month or for a longer period of time, we’ve got it all covered and are pleased to offer competitive pricing on all units.

Why not take a look at our pricing tables below to get an idea as to the cost of our available units however if you’d prefer to chat in person, why not call in and see us and our units? Alternatively, we welcome you to contact us by phone or email where one of our team will be only more than happy to help.

1 Week Cancellation Notice

Unit Space/SizePer WeekPer 4 Weeks
16ft² = 1.50m² £8.00 £32.00
20ft² = 1.85m² £10.00 £40.00
25ft² = 2.30m² £12.00 £48.00
35ft² = 3.25m² £15.50 £62.00
50ft² = 4.65m² £20.00 £80.00
75ft² – 6.95m² £27.00 £108.00
100ft² – 9.30m² £33.00 £132.00
125ft² – 11.60m² £39.00 £156.00
150ft² – 13.95m² £45.00 £180.00
200ft² – 18.60m² £57.50 £230.00

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