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It is always a good idea to find a professional removals company to help you move. Although shifting your household items might not sound like a very difficult task, it can be an extremely stressful and slow process and requires more skill than you might think. An experienced removals company will be able to considerably shorten the time of the process and do so in a safe way.
Although the removal company are there to help you, it is also a good idea to make it as easy as possible for them. Here are a few bullet points on how to instruct and handle your removal company:

  • Once you have decided on a removal company, give them at least 1 weeks notice before the day you need to move.
  • A removal company should be paid at the end of the job. Some might ask for a deposit before the job is complete.
  • Give your removal company an accurate description of the items you need them to move. If they turn up and need to move more than they initially thought, it is possible they may require more money. If they have done a quotation face to face, obviously make sure you have shown them all the items and pointed out anything that may be difficult to move (such as an extremely large/heavy item).
  • Think about accessibility. Is your home full of tight corners or narrow corridors? Or maybe your street is narrow and there isn’t a place for the removals company to park their van close to your home? Try and be as accurate as possible on how accessible your home is. Asking neighbours to be helpful with their parking the night before is a good idea allowing the removal van/lorry to park as close to your house as possible.
  • Try and be as punctual as possible. If the removals company says they will be at your house for 8am, that is when the clock starts, make sure you are ready with all boxes packed.
  • An extra pair of hands might help reduce the cost of the move. Some man and van or removal companies don’t allow people to help for insurance reasons but if you are prepared to help, you could save some money.


If you are looking for an experienced removal company in Preston or the surrounding areas, we recommend Flexi Removals.

If you are considering renovating a residential property in Preston, many people rent a storage during this period for a variety of reasons, the majority of which we will cover below.




Often houses will not be secure (or as secure as they could be) whilst you are extending or renovating. Houses that are clearly being renovated and not lived in become a target for opportunist thieves looking for things that they can sell on easily. Quite often alarms will not be fitted in properties being renovated too, meaning it is low risk for these types of criminals.


Best Items to Store?


Tools – If you have your own tools, a storage unit will provide a secure location for them. Self storage facilities such as The Self Storage Warehouse in Preston have very good security (CCTV and alarmed).

Expensive Fixtures, Fittings, Materials & Furniture – The obvious reason, you quite simply have run out of space. If you are still living in the property you are renovating, the usable area of the property has probably dropped significantly. Somewhere to store expensive fixtures or fittings so they do not get taken, broken or dusty is essential. On a building site, there is usually never an area that is clean, dust finds its way into every crack & crevice. Nice furniture can be removed and put into a clean and dry storage unit to protect it.

Get the best deals on materials & furniture – If you have seen a pallet of cheap tiles at a reduced price and thought,” I can’t buy them yet because I have nowhere to put them”, with a storage unit you will have plenty of room. If you see some furniture on sale, a storage unit will give you the ability to purchase whilst it is cheap. As well as this, if you choose The Self Storage Warehouse, they will sign for the deliveries on your behalf and even put the delivered goods into your unit for you if required. This means you can keep working and not have your day disrupted knowing everything will be taken care of.


Ready To Start Your Project?


If you would like to extend your property, you would be best off employing the services of an architectural company. They will be able to tell you whether you can lawfully extend under permitted development or whether a planning application will be required. Depending on what you require doing, they will give you a price to undertake the work and submit CAD drawings to the council on your behalf. Although there are many architects and architectural technologists in Preston, we would highly recommend SJR Architecture In Preston.


Following the success of our Preston based self storage unit, The Self Storage Warehouse, we are proud to announce that we will shortly be opening a similar unit, dubbed The Storage Works, in Great Harwood. Following the popular approach which we’ve taken to our Preston based unit, we’ll once again be offering flexible, affordable self storage, however over in Great Harwood Blackburn, we’ll also be offering office space rental as well. To us, this marks the evolution of the business and offers us the chance to provide the same great solutions we’ve been offering in Preston over in East Lancashire, alongside the roll out of office space in addition. The serviced offices in Blackburn will be built to an extremely high standard, as you can see from the images below, we’ve already put the mezzanine floor in and started to do the stud work for the offices.

The unit, set to open at the end of this month (June 2015) is now nearing completion and it’s looking fantastic. In fact, we’re so proud of the progress made so far, we’d love to share a few pictures from the construction process with you below:

As you can see, we’ve already come a long way from an empty unit to a fully fitted out storage warehouse and, quite simply, we can’t wait to have our first tenants move in at the end of the month.

If you’re looking for safe, secure and affordable self storage or office space in Great Harwood or the surrounding Blackburn areas, why not head over to and see what we’ve got to offer? If you’ve already experienced the service we offer in Preston, you’ll know that it’s second to none and it’s exactly what we plan to replicate over in East Lancashire.

Are you currently looking for safe and secure self storage in Preston? If so, we welcome you to take a look at what we have to offer here at The Self Storage Warehouse. Whether you’re looking to rent a unit for a week, a month or for a longer period of time, we’ve got it all covered and are pleased to offer competitive pricing on all units.

Why not take a look at our pricing tables below to get an idea as to the cost of our available units however if you’d prefer to chat in person, why not call in and see us and our units? Alternatively, we welcome you to contact us by phone or email where one of our team will be only more than happy to help.

1 Week Cancellation Notice

Unit Space/SizePer WeekPer 4 Weeks
16ft² = 1.50m² £8.00 £32.00
20ft² = 1.85m² £10.00 £40.00
25ft² = 2.30m² £12.00 £48.00
35ft² = 3.25m² £15.50 £62.00
50ft² = 4.65m² £20.00 £80.00
75ft² – 6.95m² £27.00 £108.00
100ft² – 9.30m² £33.00 £132.00
125ft² – 11.60m² £39.00 £156.00
150ft² – 13.95m² £45.00 £180.00
200ft² – 18.60m² £57.50 £230.00

Can you honestly say that you know exactly what size storage unit you need if you’re currently looking for space to store goods or belongings? Probably not! The majority of people will have a rough idea as to what size unit they’ll need, but when it comes to converting numbers of boxes into space, things often become difficult! Of course, here at The Self Storage Warehouse, we’re here to make the lives of each and every one of our customers easier and, as such, have put together our very own size guide to help you to understand your needs and requirements. Why not take a look below to see how much storage space you need? Hopefully it will help!

Size Of UnitNo of BedroomsHow Many BoxesYour Vehicle
​16 sq ft – 1.50 sq m-64Transit Van
20 sq ft – 1.85 sq m-80Transit Van
25 sq ft – 2.30 sq m-100Transit Van
35 sq ft – 3.25 sq m-140Transit Van
50 sq ft – 4.65 sq m1200LWB Van
75 sq ft – 6.95 sq m1-2300Luton Van
100 sq ft – 9.30 sq m24007.5T Box Van
125 sq ft – 11.60 sq m35007.5T Box Van
150 sq ft – 13.95 sq m36007.5T Box Van
200 sq ft – 18.60 sq m4800Large Removal Lorry

Of course, if you’re still struggling to know how much space you need for your goods or belongings, we’re here to help and welcome you to contact us! We take customer service very seriously and always want to lend a hand and, as such, when it comes to self storage in Preston, we urge you to think The Self Storage Warehouse!

Are you a student currently living in Preston and studying at UCLAN? If so, there’s a very good chance that you’re nearing the end of exam season and preparing to go home for the summer. That’s all well and good, however you’ll generally find that you’ve got mountains of personal belongings, as well as furniture if you’ve had to semi-furnish a property yourself, with nowhere to store it. If that sounds like you…don’t worry! Help is at hand in the form of self storage in Preston from ourselves here at The Self Storage Warehouse.

Whether you’re looking for secure and affordable storage for the whole summer or simply for a few weeks in between tenancy agreements, we’ve got it all covered. We offer storage units which can be taken for a minimum length of just one week and pride ourselves in offering highly competitive prices. We’re confident that, whatever your storage needs and requirements in Preston, we’ll be able to meet them.

With a friendly and helpful team on hand to ensure you not only end up with the right unit but that you’re not struggling for boxes and other necessities, as well as 24/7 access and the highest possible level of security; if you’re struggling for somewhere to store your belongings this summer, why not get in touch with us?