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Renovating or Extending, Why is Self Storage a Good Option?

If you are considering renovating a residential property in Preston, many people rent a storage during this period for a variety of reasons, the majority of which we will cover below.




Often houses will not be secure (or as secure as they could be) whilst you are extending or renovating. Houses that are clearly being renovated and not lived in become a target for opportunist thieves looking for things that they can sell on easily. Quite often alarms will not be fitted in properties being renovated too, meaning it is low risk for these types of criminals.


Best Items to Store?


Tools – If you have your own tools, a storage unit will provide a secure location for them. Self storage facilities such as The Self Storage Warehouse in Preston have very good security (CCTV and alarmed).

Expensive Fixtures, Fittings, Materials & Furniture – The obvious reason, you quite simply have run out of space. If you are still living in the property you are renovating, the usable area of the property has probably dropped significantly. Somewhere to store expensive fixtures or fittings so they do not get taken, broken or dusty is essential. On a building site, there is usually never an area that is clean, dust finds its way into every crack & crevice. Nice furniture can be removed and put into a clean and dry storage unit to protect it.

Get the best deals on materials & furniture – If you have seen a pallet of cheap tiles at a reduced price and thought,” I can’t buy them yet because I have nowhere to put them”, with a storage unit you will have plenty of room. If you see some furniture on sale, a storage unit will give you the ability to purchase whilst it is cheap. As well as this, if you choose The Self Storage Warehouse, they will sign for the deliveries on your behalf and even put the delivered goods into your unit for you if required. This means you can keep working and not have your day disrupted knowing everything will be taken care of.


Ready To Start Your Project?


If you would like to extend your property, you would be best off employing the services of an architectural company. They will be able to tell you whether you can lawfully extend under permitted development or whether a planning application will be required. Depending on what you require doing, they will give you a price to undertake the work and submit CAD drawings to the council on your behalf. Although there are many architects and architectural technologists in Preston, we would highly recommend SJR Architecture In Preston.


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