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Use Our Size Guide To Understand Your Storage Requirements

Can you honestly say that you know exactly what size storage unit you need if you’re currently looking for space to store goods or belongings? Probably not! The majority of people will have a rough idea as to what size unit they’ll need, but when it comes to converting numbers of boxes into space, things often become difficult! Of course, here at The Self Storage Warehouse, we’re here to make the lives of each and every one of our customers easier and, as such, have put together our very own size guide to help you to understand your needs and requirements. Why not take a look below to see how much storage space you need? Hopefully it will help!

Size Of UnitNo of BedroomsHow Many BoxesYour Vehicle
​16 sq ft – 1.50 sq m-64Transit Van
20 sq ft – 1.85 sq m-80Transit Van
25 sq ft – 2.30 sq m-100Transit Van
35 sq ft – 3.25 sq m-140Transit Van
50 sq ft – 4.65 sq m1200LWB Van
75 sq ft – 6.95 sq m1-2300Luton Van
100 sq ft – 9.30 sq m24007.5T Box Van
125 sq ft – 11.60 sq m35007.5T Box Van
150 sq ft – 13.95 sq m36007.5T Box Van
200 sq ft – 18.60 sq m4800Large Removal Lorry

Of course, if you’re still struggling to know how much space you need for your goods or belongings, we’re here to help and welcome you to contact us! We take customer service very seriously and always want to lend a hand and, as such, when it comes to self storage in Preston, we urge you to think The Self Storage Warehouse!

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